Praher Plastics® AQUACOACH pro

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With the Aquacoach Praher has developed a new pool control system which is perfectly adjusted for application in private, public, hotel pool and wellness areas. A variety of well-engineered basic functions for the Aquacoach and Aquacoach pro series as well as a large choice of economic additional functions guarantiees a well-adjusted pool control for “pure pleasure” at your pool.

Technical Data

  Aquacoach Pro
Solar control +
Management of different temperature sensors
Heating and cooling
Heati control +
Niveau control +
One sensor
Dry running protection
5 sensors
Option Safetypack +
Real time clock
With date function
Autom. summer and winter time
Back wash systems
Back wash systems 6-way As Comfort 1001, MP6
Bar valve
Check valve
via bus
Activation ball valve to drain
Activation dosing system
Gaging of Ph and redox +
Pump control
Single-phase and three-phase
Current measurement
Configurable time control
Error detection in case of excess current
Pressure sensor +
User configurable digital input 8
User confirgurable anal input 4
User configurable potential free outlets bis zu 7 mit Erweiterung 11
Configuralbe alarm relay
Memory function for pool service
Operation hour numerator for control unit
Connection to PC
Software update
Readout of status signal
Readout of error log and operation hours
Plug and Play for options
Retrofit operations
Activation of device via bus RS485
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