Neolysis + UV Salt Electrolysis

Self cleaning salt electrolysis system combined with UV lamps for private pool installations from 50–120 m3, operation with low salt concentration, less than 2 g/l chlorine/hour. Available with integrated PH and ORP control. This high quality salt electrolysis offers the highest standard of disinfection and sustainability with its combination of 2 technologies = low salt concentration and UV technology.


  • Compact design
  • Optional with pH regulation and indication 7,0–7,8 pH
  • Optional with REDOX regulation and indication 600–850 mV (ORP)
  • Salt reduction indication in %
  • PE cell with with various flange connection
  • Self cleaning electrodes made of titanium and indication
  • 4000 – 5000 h life-cycle of the cell, up to 13000 hrs for the UV lamp
  • Operation temperature +15–40°C
  • Power connection 230V AC 50–60 Hz
  • Salt content 1–4 g/l (2g/l recommended)
Installation manual
Installation manual_English
pdf, 4.8 Mb