Smart Salt Electrolysis ADVANCED PRO MAGNESIUM

digital display
New device for pool water desinfection with magnesium, Compact salt electrolysis unit with IP65 housing, with digital display, 15 - 30 g for private pools

Salzelektrolyseanalge mit Magnesium - so funktioniert's

The salt electrolysis unit ADVANCED-PRO MAGNESIUM combines the natural properties of magnesium salt with the benefits of an electrolysis. The sum of benefits makes the pool water rich on minerals and brings additional health factors.

It disinfects the pool water and provides a relaxing bath, softens skin and hair, without unpleasant chlorine odors. Magnesium ions penetrate the skin and provide therapeutic benefits for muscles and tendons as well as for the immune system.

MgCl2 + 4 H2O -> 2 HClO + Mg(OH)2 + 2 H2

While the generated hypochlorous acid (HCLO) disinfects the bacteria in the water, magnesium hydroxide serves as a clarifier and flocculant.

- low energy consumption
· low weight
· protection code IP65
· low operation temperature
· compact and easy adaption for each installation
· improved performance with power supply with switching power supply
· longer cell life span
· integrated micro processor control for operation hour analysis
· digitales display, easy and intuitive handling

Accessories such like pH and Redox set and bag of magnesium available.