Solar control SC02

The SC02 consists of a ready to plug-in and compact ( DIN) control box, the required pool temperature (+5°C up to +60°C) can be set manually.

Furthermore this control system has an integrated connection for the “solar pump” 230V for direct control, Digital display, cooling function as control function that in case of increasing pool water temperature set-up temperature is not exceeded (“red blinking leds”), adjustment of temperature difference between pool and collector from +2°C up to 20°C, switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit possible.

Furthermore there are incluced a cold water temperature sensor with 3 m connection cable as well as a warm water temperature sensor with 10 m connection cable which have to fixed after the skimmer or the solar absorber. The SC02 solar controls are mainly used for solar heatings in private or hotel pools. This provides a substantial extension of the outdoor pool season.

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Installation Scheme
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Table of resistance
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