Praher Plastics® Solar control SC04

Economical and efficient 2 and 3 way PVC valve with integrated solar control.

The SCO4 which can be easily integrated in the hose piping by using hose nozzles (optional accessories). Another possibility is the direct installation on the Ocean V6 (installation diagram on request). With this compact solar control all necessary functions are integrated with the EO510 electric actuator. Adjustment of pool water temperature from +20°C up to +40°C is possible. Also included are: a cold water sensor with 3 m connection cable, and a warm water sensor with 10 m connection cable (each one) which can be fixed to the piping or after the skimmer respectively on the solar absorber, 2 or 3 way Praher PVC ball valves DN40/ d50 or DN50/d63 with EO510 electric actuator 230V AC/DC with integrated balance hole in the ball (3 way), manual override, protection code IP54, CE marking and optical position indication.

Installation manual_2-Way valve
Installation manual_German, English
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Installation manual_3-Way valve
Installation manual_German, English
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Resistance chart
Resistance chart_German
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