Water treatment system TURBOXY DUO

pH & Cl ppm, web-enabled
Smart water treatment system TURBOXY Duo pH 1,5 l/h Cl 3,0 l/h ppm (amperometric) free chlorine measuring incl. WEB connection for smart pools, for private swimming pools pipe diamenter d50 & d63

  • simultaneous control of pH-Wert and chlorine (ppm)
  • indicates the chlorine value mg/l, the pH value at the same time
  • proportional pH and chlorine dosage
  • sensors are protected against electr. induced currents in the pool
  • integrated pupmps ph value 1,5l/h and chlorine 3l/h
  • TURBOXY Duo incl. complete kit (2 in 1 sensor holder) for easy and quick installation
  • PAN-TURBOXY Duo installed on a panel (58x38x17cm) incl. transparent cell and kit
  • incl. WEB interface, free access
  • for pools up to max. 150m³